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John Englezos is the Founder of Inbound Guru, an Australian inbound marketing agency. When he isn't increasing his client's digital marketing performance, he can be found playing his '74 Strat or rooting for the New York Jets.
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CLM Through Social Media

In most customer sales-based situations, heavy emphasis seems to be placed upon acquiring the customer. You build rapport, deliver the pitch, beat the objections, sign the papers and move to the

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Social media – changing business for good!

In the earlier days of social media use, many companies were not working the technology to its potential, some refusing to adopt it at all. As companies began to slowly integrate social media

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#Hashtag your way to Social Dominance

You see it all over social media sites. From Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, users are using these ‘tags’ as a form of communication, it’s a way of life. But what is it?

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Closing Deals, the Inbound Way

When I talk to many business owners, I seem to find that they all tend to have one prevailing issue in common, and it’s an issue that many companies fail to pick up on – closing online leads.

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The Top 5 Ways to Re-Ignite your Website!

We’ve all been there. All the time and money you’ve invested into your brand-spanking new website is finally going to show results. This baby is ready to go live, and you cannot wait to

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Ink Business with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn, the 9-5 social network dubbed the “Facebook” for business. So with 47% of small businesses registered and 43% of marketers in the U.S obtaining at least one new customer through the

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3 Myths about Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization. We hear about its importance everywhere, we get spammed about it through our emails (even Google apparently needs help according to one spammer – read the hilarious

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Marketing the “old-fashioned” way?

For a long time now, traditional marketing efforts have become very stale. Take telemarketing, for example. Think of the last time you received a cold call. Did you:

a) screen the phone call and

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Goal for 2015: Create Marketing People Love!

The word marketing is synonymous with negative connotations, some of which include the words “junk,” “annoying,” and “useless” just to name a few. The fact is, that most of the general public

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