Goal for 2015: Create Marketing People Love!

The word marketing is synonymous with negative connotations, some of which include the words “junk,” “annoying,” and “useless” just to name a few. The fact is, that most of the general public despise the marketing that they have become aware of – they throw out their direct mail before opening it, ignore private numbers assuming it is marketing, and seldom return marketer calls that make it through. Not to mention that television marketing (a major player in the technology age) is cut down by channel surfing and edited recordings.

The unfortunate fact is that many companies still invest a large portion of their marketing budget into these stale techniques, but these audience trends don’t seem to be changing. So how do you create marketing that the public can once again fall in love with? It all starts with one key identifier in any purchase process, and it’s the one thing that your target market craves…


To create marketing that your target market loves, you must create marketing materials that add value to the buying process and make the whole purchasing experience for your customer or client a great experience. Below are the best ways to turn your prospects marketing frown upside-down and create marketing that people love!

1. Create blog posts that educate your audience and encourage conversation.

By creating blog posts to help educate your prospects rather than to sell, your prospects will appreciate the information, and ultimately use it to influence their own buying decisions. This free content builds rapport, builds trust, and also enables your business to set itself apart from the competition. Free information to help you make a decision? Who doesn’t love that!

2. Share your content on social media channels and continue the conversation.

By taking this content and continuing the conversation on social media, you give your prospects a chance to interact with your business and ask any questions at the drop of a hat. Some might say this isn’t marketing, but they’re missing the point as it truly is what makes social media so great! It doesn’t feel like marketing, but any time you represent your company online you are marketing yourself to an audience larger than you can even imagine.

3. Create free premium content that your prospect base can download from your site or on social media.

Whether it is a free e-book on the top 5 lawnmowers, or a case study into the use of oxide in mortar – free marketing materials such as these really are respected and appreciated. This is because it gives your prospect base added information that they cannot find anywhere else due to the unique and original content created by you. Once again, whilst it may not feel like marketing, it is that aspect of content marketing that makes this so beautiful.

4. Create targeted email campaigns to deliver the content that the prospect wants to engage with.

You might have a large database of free information indexed on your website, and that is a fantastic step forward. Once you have this info, you need to make sure your prospect base has a way to find it. Segmenting your leads into categories and ensuring each one of those leads gets the information they truly want will set you apart from your competitors, who more often than not will be sending out mass marketed emails without any specific target other than hoping the prospect is ready to buy.

5. Integrate a way for your prospect to seamlessly engage in the buying process via your marketing.

Through all of this content, use call-to-actions and landing pages to allow for a way for your prospect to engage with your company in the easiest way possible. Whether it’s a video or audio file, infographic, blog post, or a million-and-one other methods, always allow for that easy path to conversion. When someone is ready to buy, you can bet that they don’t want to have to do it the hard way.


If the majority of companies took a step forward in the way they market to their clients, the word ‘marketing’ would not have such a negative effect on the general public. In addition, if all companies marketed in the same way, there would no doubt be mutual satisfaction for both the business and the consumer.

The customer will enjoy the education process and feel that they have made the best decision in engaging with your company, whilst your business will benefit from both the sale and the relationship with the customer. After all, sales and marketing should be about delivering the best product or service to bridge the gap in your customer’s life, not about disguised intentions and sales targets.

John Englezos
John Englezos

John Englezos is the Founder of Inbound Guru, an Australian inbound marketing agency. When he isn't increasing his client's digital marketing performance, he can be found playing his '74 Strat or rooting for the New York Jets.