The Top 5 Ways to Re-Ignite your Website!

We’ve all been there. All the time and money you’ve invested into your brand-spanking new website is finally going to show results. This baby is ready to go live, and you cannot wait to show the world wide web what you’ve got!

Fast forward six months, and it appears your site just isn’t living up to your expectations. You expected a lead generator, and what your company ended up with was a beautiful looking website that was absolutely static in nature. So what do you do when your website loses its mojo? Take a look at my top 5 ways to re-ignite your website!

1. Add a blog to your website

Nothing says “i know what i’m talking about” more than when you put your knowledge and reputation on the line through a company blog. Your blog should be there to help draw in and educate your prospects, not to sell them. The biggest mistake many companies make is deciding to blog, but writing articles that come off as a one-to-many sales letter. Find a common issue in your industry, brainstorm ways to help others overcome this issue, put it on your website and repeat.

2. Call-to-actions & landing pages

A call-to-action is basically an attractive icon, banner, or button that serves the purpose of leading to a landing page. The call-to-action is there to represent the offer, and the landing page is there to execute the offer. Whether it is a free assessment leading to a landing page to collect information, or a free content download offer, these should help you gain an insight into your prospect all while allowing your prospect to learn more and trust your skills.

3. Social media integration

Nothing tells you more about your prospect base than how they operate on the various social media channels available to us at any given moment. Integrate these into your website by allowing Facebook comments on your blog posts, adding social media feeds to your site, encouraging social media sharing of your content and by allowing for an easy transition to your social media profiles directly from your website.

4. Videos

Add a video to the home page of your website, but steer clear of making this video part of a website introduction page. Not only are these annoying, but if someone accessing the website has a slow internet connection for whatever reason, you can guarantee they won’t make it past that intro before exiting your site. Try placing a video of the company director or the team of people that make your company work in the top right hand corner of your site, below the menu. This video will serve the purpose of giving your website lead an insight into the company, and many believe an effective home page video can close the gap between lead and client, with the video building rapport for you before the first meeting.

5. Premium content

E-books, white papers, case studies, infographics and more. Whichever you choose, make it effective and make it count. Allow people to download this extra special content by filling out a form. The form could be a survey, it could be for your new marketing email, or to set up a meeting. However you choose to do this, it is the content that matters here, and if the content is outstanding, you can bet your new lead will be back for more.


John Englezos
John Englezos

John Englezos is the Founder of Inbound Guru, an Australian inbound marketing agency. When he isn't increasing his client's digital marketing performance, he can be found playing his '74 Strat or rooting for the New York Jets.